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Empowering Lives, Creating Impact

Community Development Programs

Engage in our holistic community development initiatives. From infrastructure projects to educational programs, we work collaboratively to foster sustainable growth and empowerment.

Humanitarian Aid and Relief Efforts

Responding swiftly to crises, we provide essential humanitarian aid and relief to affected communities. Our dedicated teams ensure the timely delivery of vital resources, offering support in times of emergencies and natural disasters.

Medical Help

We prioritize health and well-being through our comprehensive initiatives. From healthcare access projects to nutrition programs, we strive to improve the overall health of communities, ensuring a foundation for a resilient and thriving future


Unlock the potential of individuals through our educational empowerment programs. We focus on improving access to quality education, providing scholarships, and implementing innovative learning approaches, creating pathways for a brighter tomorrow


Empowering Lives:
1000+ Women & Families Served

About Us

Empowering Lives, Creating Impact

Future Resilience and Development Foundation (FRAD Foundation) is a registered Non-profit organization with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with CAC No CAC/IT/NO/139393 in 2019 in accordance with the Nigerian Law with office address at Suit B87, Mohammed Goni, Complex, Maiduguri Borno state, Nigeria.

Community Development Programs

Engage in our holistic community development initiatives addressing unique local needs. Through collaborative efforts in infrastructure projects and educational programs, we work towards fostering sustainable growth and empowerment.

Become a Volunteer

Join FRAD Foundation as a volunteer, contributing to community development, humanitarian aid, and education in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Your commitment helps foster sustainable growth and empowerment, creating positive change.


Support FRAD Foundation's impactful initiatives by donating today. Your contribution fuels community development, humanitarian aid, and education in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Together, we create positive change, fostering sustainable growth and empowerment for all.



To build the Resilience of vulnerable populations using locally available Solutions that ensure Participation and bring meaningful development. Leaving no one behind.


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We envision a Sustainable future where everyone can access development, leaving no one behind.

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Become a Volunteer

Why We Need You

Community Impact

Your involvement directly impacts communities in Maiduguri, Nigeria, contributing to community development, humanitarian aid, and educational programs.

Diverse Skillsets

We value your unique skills and experiences. Whether you specialize in education, healthcare, or project management, your expertise is vital to our diverse initiatives.

Global Collaboration

Joining as a volunteer allows you to be part of a global collaborative effort. Together, we bridge gaps, share perspectives, and work towards a more inclusive and connected world.

Personal Growth

Volunteering with FRAD Foundation is not just about giving back; it's also an opportunity for personal growth. Gain valuable experiences, develop new skills, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

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